Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sigh School Musical

Aka - Just because you acknowledge being terrible doesn't make it good Part 2

Pot in the name of all that HHCL ever made is this piece of shit? Taking the piss out of High School Musical isn't hard; it's just waiting to be dragged down the streets by its ears and given a good kicking. Which frankly is just what I'd like to do to the Pot Noodle guys.

How on earth do you sign off a one minute long parody without a single decent gag? Well, I'll be fair, I bet a couple of those lines sounded good on paper... but they just do not work AT ALL here.

Pot Noodle is a licence to make exciting ads, but what we have right now feels like an agency struggling too hard to match the past instead of looking forward. We know they can do better (indeed they have recently).

I think frankly it's largely down to casting, those guys just do not seem funny; like you could give them the best scripts in the world and it would still be bad.

The old Pot Noodle ads worked because yes, they were cheap and tacky, and yes they were stupid and silly, but they were witty, and had a dark edge that kept everything in check.

This is Disaster Movie to Airplane. I hate it. More than I hate High School Musical, and that is one hell of a lot.

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Crabbit Copywriter said...

It's rather a shame that two cheeky brands have gone for the same snoozefest tactic at exactly the same time:

I think I am probably more disappointed with the Irn Bru ad than Pot Noodle though. Although in both cases, compared to their older, sharper, cleverer stuff these ads just fall completely flat. Sigh.