Tuesday, September 22, 2009

At Last...

As I regularly get critical about some of the hard sell bluntness that M+C Saatchi do for DSG, I feel it is only fair to applaud them for doing something that while not perfect, is a damn good step on a new route.

The new ads for Dixons.co.uk appearing on the London Underground are very nice indeed. Keeping the Saatchi bluntness, but adding some humour and a nicely brave endline which suggests some clever planning input.

The Last Place You Want to Go

Ask most retailers and they will tell you that this is what people regularly do now. They look in store and buy cheaper online. How no retailer has stepped into this territory yet is odd, but that DSG of all people have taken that bold move is surprising and brilliant; great management on their part. A bright powerful yet witty line that is perfect for a big brand online retailer.

The writing is fantastic flattering farce. The right side of insulting yet clear in its mockery.

The set of 3 aren't perfect, there isn't really a clear benefit; and it does imply you are missing out on some service elements. But I think the overall ad is too strong to be spoiled by that.


Will said...

I think they're terrific. And, I'd say there is a clear benefit - that Dixons will be the place you actually BUY stuff, rather than get told a bunch of puffery.

Rob Mortimer (aka Famous Rob) said...

I don't think it's that clear personally, but glad you like it as well!