Thursday, September 03, 2009

The World's Local Airline

Well the new BA ad is out, and despite not being impressed by the last one I felt quite excited at seeing how they would redeem themselves.


I see.

Well what has apparently taken place is some kind of melting pot mix with an HSBC ad. Except it doesn't quite have the local charm of most HSBC ads, and it didn't really feel like it sold me the airline at all. It made me want a Mango Lassi* sure, but that was about it.

Shame really, there is a nice message and feeling mixed up here. It needs to be less HSBC and more BA next time though.

*See HSBC ad


Rob @ Cynic said...

I had such high hopes when BBH won this account but it's never quite got there. To be honest, I think this has much, much more to do with BA than it does the 'black sheep', but it's still disappointing - but probably a good reflection why BA find themselves in the position they are currently in.

Neeti said...

To my mind, the ad does not focus on BA or Mumbai fashion week (which seems to be the original intention) but show Mumbai in a "slumdog millionaire" style.Higher hopes but crushed sadly.

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