Friday, September 25, 2009

Spice and Easy Does It

Having cringed at the complete lack of authenticity in the recent Uncle Ben's Indian sauce ads it makes me happy to see that this type of product can be advertised in a way that isn't full of stereotype and cliche.

The new Patak's ad is charming and feels genuinely like the Indian culture has been absorbed into it rather than being played back through western eyes.

I was worried the ad would feel like another FMCG brand trying to do a Hovis, but actually the whole idea feels like a natural thing for the brand to be saying.

'Why Britain Loves Curry' is also a bold and smart line, which suggests some good thinking and research behind it.

Of course the ad is selling taste and authenticity, but unlike most of its competitors it does so without falling into parody or irritation.

Question though... Chicken or Lamb?


Bitchbag said...

Asian Hovis ad.

Cheshire Cat said...


Adam And Dan said...

Yeah the Pataks is a good ad, gives that authentic feel! Still prefer a takeaway one though, but would give it a try :D