Thursday, September 03, 2009

Wrestling with fakery

So a fake WWF ad by DDB Brazil win an award, no surprise there.

Adland awards are (it appears) so blighted by scam they need to start taking action, you cannot expect unapproved, unguided creativity to be judged on the same level as something that has gone through a client and a real process.

All unpublished ads should say so or be banned. Those which ran once on a bus stop in Luxembourg, and once on an obscured poster site in Malta should say so, and not be accepted as a "pan European campaign"

The annoying thing is, despite the unrewarding video here; the message that one incident of nature killed more than 100 9/11 disasters is pretty powerful.

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Anjali Ramachandran said...

Glad I found someone who agrees that it's a pretty powerful campaign, all said and done.