Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Cult of Yakult

After a long evening of ad related discussion with James and Andrew, I think bed is the best place to head. But first I should comment about the new Yakult ad. After the good but short lived ads earlier in the year, I hope this campaign will remain a bit longer.

The new ad is here on Pauls blog:

I like it. No overtly new thinking involved, but it does convey its message well.
The animation styles used convey each era brilliantly, and the voiceover is simple but effective, and without being dull or patronising.

Whether it will win over many new Yakulties I don't know, but it certainly reminds me why I like the brand.


Andrew said...

Rob,I really like these ads. There's something about the charming matter of factness that cuts through. Now I know how long Yakult have been doing this (I thought this probiotic milarky was new), and I know that they don't faff about with flavours or other stuff - just the bacteria.
Suddenly it's not a faddy women's healthy diety brand,like Muller or Actimel, it's the one I will take seriously if I'm really bothered about health.
The quirkiness avoids it being dull and makes it interesting and maybe a bit cool.
Nice. Sorry to take up so much space, but this one takes a lot of deconstructing - a good thing I think (espescially since I have to be nice to the Yakult planner, who will remember too much of the former me- a nauseating account exec who thought he knew it all - for comfort)

Rob said...


It seperates the brand from all the others, and it also focuses on the differentiating factor of the bottle.

It finds a good medium between health product and fun brand.