Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Where in the World?

Did they give those ads the go ahead. PC World, not known for its subtle ads, have really done it this time.

We know you want to promote your offers (Some of which are very good).
We know you want people to go look at them.
We know you want the hard sell.

But there are far better ways of hard selling than having your staff and pretend customers wearing tshirts saying "This is a hard sell" going over the product spec, stock levels and pricing in a completely uninteresting way.

If you want to have this kind of ad, make it a bit more knowing, or at least make the conversation more realistic and engaging. The only one which seems close to real life is the student one, but then the acting isnt good enough to make it work.

Oh and. Why do Intel and similar companies insist on ads reading the entiiiiire spiel. "This PC comes with an Intel Celeron 520 processor with core technology for easy multitasking and wireless ne....ARGH!" If we know what it is, we already know; if not...that doesnt help.

Come on. You can do better.


Andrew said...

Well said. And when will they realise that Mr Average (isn't that PC worlds's audience) wants to know what it does, not what it has?
They had a go with one actually, where a couple of students were told what a dual core was actually for- more of that please.

How's the project going? You can include a name in the brief if you like - or make on up.

Rob said...

Exactly. benefits NOT features.
PC World is a bit like the AOL of computer shops; its mainly for people who dont know how to buy/build their own.

But even then, they got it wrong! They say the dualcore helps uploading and downloading...but its a cpu, it has no effect whatsoever on internet speed.

Starting writing tomorrow, done lots of thinking and a shopping trip for research! I think its best to include the name (at least when I speak to you) as the brand image is a key part of the problem.

Jeez, im so busy right now; just in the middle of buying (offering for)a house!!