Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Influential Ads

Going back to the series of ads that (although maybe not great) inspired me to want to get into advertising:

The magnificent Tango ads of the early 90s were one of those that completely changed the way I (as a 8/9 year old kid) thought about the product; and in many ways, completely changed what I thought about advertising. It felt like an ad and product that belonged to us, it was fun and silly and weird.

Now you all know the ad, but to show you how good it was; here is an example of the previous campaign from 1989 (second ad in)...oh dear.

Another ad which will forever be in the heads and stomachs of people my age was probably the best milky way ad ever. Considering I hadnt seen it in about 8 years when I first saw it online, it was a testament to it that I knew all the words perfectly.


Anonymous said...


My first ever ad campaign.

Nice to know it made such an impression on you - my father was disgusted [he hated advertising] and questioned what sort of life I was going to end up with.

You should of seen him when I started working on Pot Noodle.

Anonymous said...

The first time you got double slapped was like a rite of passage back in that year...

I think the ad was also one of the first/best examples of almost anti-advertising. "Sod it, lets go nuts"

Anonymous said...

Now you can see where cynic gets it from!

Doug said...

Classic Milky Way ad. Brings back loads of memories. Can't help thinking I should have been filling my head with other more important stuff at the time... the power of advertising, eh?

Scamp said...

love that street hockey ad

go back to street hockey, tango

Anonymous said...

I was in that street hockey add!! where did u get it from i want to get a copy if poss cheers