Wednesday, August 02, 2006


So apparently Smarties no longer contain artificial colours; which is good if you don't like hyperactive kids or crushed beetles in your food.

The campaign is probably the most "to parents" one that Smarties have ever done. Its pretty much full on "no artificials mean better for your kids" talk.

A brand that has had such vibrant and colourful advertising over the years could surely manage something more inspiring than this. The message is one parents want to hear, but otherwise... its just weak.


Paul H. Colman said...

Hey Rob,

(Can't find your email, so posted here, hope you don't mind.)

Paul here, met you at Russell's coffee thing on Friday, was wondering if you'd seen our (Yakult's) new TV ad yet (I know you posted some nice comments about our radio).

I've embedded it in my blog, here.

I'd be interested to hear your views.

Rob said...

Hi Paul,

I'll take a look and make a post about it when i'm back from work/planning chat tonight!