Monday, August 21, 2006

W+K High on Coke

Wow, what an oddly contentious title... but its true.
It may be for the US only (as far as I can see) but this ad (from W+K Portland I believe) for Coca Cola is actually good. Not only that, it gets across the usual Coke message of happy times and positive sides of life without resorting to the sickly, cliche'd and patronising executions so common in the brand work over here.

Actually, a more appropriate title would be Coke high on Wieden and Kennedy... well, they do have an office in Amsterdam after all. Well done.


Anonymous said...

Yes, they are doing a briliant job w/ Coke.

However my only bitch with them is that in the past three TVC's I've seen they all have the hero at the end turning back over his shoulder and shrugging. Seems a bit too formulaic. don't you think?

The shrug Tally:
1 Nike
2 Coke

Anonymous said...

Just a little too Honda Diesel for me.

(Ps. Thanks for the link Rob.)

Anonymous said...

*shrug* :)

Maybe, but its still waaay above the average Coke ad here!

I know what you mean Paul, but I suppose it works to stick to what you are good at..!

And no problem, I did email with regards to how we up north can get some Pickle darn it!