Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Build Me Up...

Thanks to Rob Campbell for reminding me of this wonderful ad for Lego.
Even now it's still brilliant, still inventive and inspiring; the sort of thing you would expect W+K on their best form to produce.


Cynical Rob said...

"A new toy everyday"

Great line, strategy and everything.

For all the information and opportunity we have today, a simple, motivating, truth-based idea still knocks CGI bollocks for six.

You're right - this is a WK type of ad - but they didn't do it, TBWA did, which means they could have been WK but stuffed it.

Well, I still really like TBWA but interms of work, take out ADIDAS and Apple, and they're nowhere close. Sadly.

Rob Mortimer said...

Must be early TBWA then.
But yes it is a great great ad, and it understands the imagination of children and how they utilise the product.

Cynical Rob said...

Today I got told Hegarty did this ad - so I don't know what's going on but it's brilliant eitherway.