Monday, February 25, 2008

Saving Face (book)

I have said it before, and will no doubt say it again; but Facebook suffers from the horrible problem that its main features are also its main flaws.

Applications allow you to do plenty of interesting and unusual things, but they are getting out of control. 12 invites in a day? All from people who were tricked into sending them instead of finding a hidden skip button!

It simply will not work.

This month saw Facebook's first ever drop in users; and while it is still number one, it won't be much longer unless they sort out the glut of annoyances that the site is creating.


Anonymous said...

I hear you man, my status text says: "Olle is saying: do not send me ANY hug invitations or any other crap! Capiche?!". So friggin' tired of it.

David Mortimer said...

Surely a setting to stop the same application invitation appearing more than once would solve all this.

I'm fairly certain my 17 invitations to join the group 'Stop asking me to add applications and join groups' are just Facebook rubbing my face in it.