Monday, July 14, 2008

Don't Stop Me Now!

Hurrah! Today I officially pass my three month probation period in my new job. It's been three months of crazy busyness and learning, but with the bonuses of meeting some fantastic people and helping out in two great (and winning) pitches.

To add to that, last week I got the first 180 on our agency dart board...

I really like being in Manchester, I look forward to being able to live here as well. 6am alarm clock and 8pm hometime really leaves no free time! Good thing the job is worth it.

Oh and my brother David starts a week placement at another Manchester agency today, if they have any sense they will keep him there!


Cynical Rob said...

It was obvious you were going to 'pass' your probation period Mr M - but have they passed your high standards eh???

Nice to see someone in Sir Sorrell's empire is doing something right. For once :)

Marcus said...

Proud of you. Well done. Carry on.

The End.

Rob Mortimer said...

I thought I might, but wasn't planning on taking it easy!!

So far yes..!

Thanks RobC
Thanks Marcus, good to see you back.

northern said...

Good to know they know when they have something good.
Mini-Mortimer will do fine.