Friday, October 06, 2006

Gillllllllllllette Fusion

Ok, so the name really has nothing to do with fusion; just more blades and the nice idea of a single trimmer blade. Still not really a fusion though is it, more a bolting on.

The ad makes out like there is some kind of revolutionary new technology breakthrough available here. Nope, just another blade. Although at least they explain why that is a good development (less irritation).

Terrible ads really. They just try to make the product feel like something else.

Although they do at least get one key thing right, and that is selling the benefits to the consumer. You may think the ad is terrible, but you remember why its 'better than your old razor'.

Its also nice that this ad doesnt feature 700 language overdubbing. Honestly, some healthcare companies would use the same ad in every country in the world if it meant saving money. Overdubbing never ever ever ever ever ever looks good. It just makes the whole brand look cheap, tacky and uncaring.

Im sure I had more of a point here, but its very late and ive bought more items today for my new house than I care to goodnight!


Doug said...

I'd love to be a fly on the wall in the R&D department of a razor manufacturer.

"Right, consumers think we're behind the times, we need a new product".

"Crikey. That's a toughie. What can we do that's really innovative? Something that'll really appeal to the public? Something that'll really stand out and make a difference"

"Actually, sod that, whack another blade on"


(Obviously Gillette etc. in reality do spend £££ on R&D and they all, I'm sure, do a sterling job).

Rob said...

I'm sure they probably do exactly that, though to be fair to Gillete; at least they have produced the only REAL advance in disposable shavers (the battery powered system) in the last 10 years.

Northern Planner said...

The 'more blades' thing is getting ridiculous.
Why has no one brought out a razor with blades that change colour when they are too blunt?
Why don't Gillete sell stuff to cure ingrown hairs?

Rob said...

They do them already, they go red when they are too blunt ;)

Nick said...

It's actually TWO more blades (one on the other side, remember)! Now Wilkos have to go for seven if they want to keep up...