Thursday, October 26, 2006

We Hate Change

The ever interesting Scamp has mentioned that mobile company 3 is looking to put its £39m account up for pitch.

Its just ridiculous, a new brand director comes in and tries to make a mark by changing the advertising.

The thing here is that WCRS completely turned the brand around from a totally ignored non-entity into a seriously considered service. There ads have been unusual, and set the brand apart from any other mobile provider with a clear and bold brand message.

Why on earth would any sensible brand director change such a successful campaign whilst it is still working?! Its change for changes sake. Its risking the brand for the sake of perceived improvement of new ads.

Its like Honda telling Wieden and Kennedy "We would like to try something else now". Madness.

Its no wonder some agencies are happy to churn out crap, when they produce original, creative, effective work it just gets ignored by a new board member who wants to stamp out his/her authority.

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