Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Truth Lies Religion Journalism and Advertising

What a range of topics. But I want to focus on one point: The Truth.

Why is it that advertising is tightly regulated as to what you can and cannot say; you arent allowed to suggest certain things that may even be true for fear of misleading the public.

Yet we have a government that fed us dodgy facts leading to a war, and that's fine.

We have a media reporting about a confidential case involving a Muslim soldier who's family were at risk because he was asked to guard the Israeli embassy. The Sun and other similar papers (as well as disgusting report from Fox News) reported it as if it were some conspiracy to enforce Islam on the UK. No. It was a simple case of someone being excused duty for the protection of their family. (as was done during the Northern Irish conflict with Catholic/Protestant soldiers) Yet the paper reported in its usual way, exchanging any facts that don't suit it's agenda for sensationalist bullshit. Apparently this is also fine.

Why would people be so outraged at a beer ad implying alcohol makes you sexy; and yet sit still and do nothing when the government and the journalistic media seem free to say whatever the hell they like whatever the accuracy. Maybe if they get caught lying they have a two line apology on page 35 three months later.

If only there was the same monitoring of government and journalists as there was of advertising, maybe we'd all be a lot more informed.

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Rob @ Cynic said...

Great point mate - it astounds me how people can get all pissed off about a bloody burger ad but are quite happy to do absolutely sod-all with matters of major importance.

I believe it has something to do with people's belief that where Governmental issues are concerned, they can have no impact whatsoever [Do people really believe MP's really care about them? I don't think so] whereas in adland, their voice has disproportionate power.

Lets be honest, if 100 people complained to The Sun about something, no one would take the blindest bit of notice ... but if 100 people complained to Ad Standards mob, then they'd be hell to pay. And I'd know ... I've had more bloody ads complained about than most, ha!

In all seriousness, this is quite a major issue - but as it means certain individuals will have to take a long, hard look at themselves [and what they do / believe / aspire for] it is more than likely we're going to see major issues continue down the road of public apathy, while less important situations will create more pointless noise!