Friday, April 27, 2007

Brand for Life

After my recent post on ecologically sound bags breaking really easily, I must give huge praise to Sainsburys for the scheme they are running today.

Instead of the usual plastic bags they are giving away free their thicker bags for life, with the promise that when it breaks you can take it in and get a new one free. That is brilliant.

Encouraging people to help make a difference, whilst also giving them something useful. It shows good thinking on the part of the store, and will certainly have a positive effect on their brand image.


lauren said...

you know, rob, i was thinking about your plastic bag post today and decided that when i rule the world, packaging will be super-smart. lots of products will come in cool cloth/glass packaging or none at all.

and as well as that, supermarkets will give discounts based on the bag customers use. a backpack/granny cart/string bag 5%; those 'green bags'/bags for life that you can buy in the store 2%, shit plastic bag 0%. and they will have a no-bag aisle, which encourages people even more.

just in case you wanted my opinion on the matter, again. :)

Simplysteve said...

I just think it's amazing what people give you carrier bags for. I had to stop a sainsbury's cashier from putting a double decker and a can of drink in a normal size bag (I do have some pretty useful hands of my own and pockets!). Someone should slap these people with an organically and environmentally friendly sourced fish, not cod though,they need a rest!

NP said...

..but are Sainsburys going to charge for thin bags the next day?

Rob said...

Indeed they should Steve!

No NP, but kudos for them still being one step ahead of other stores.