Friday, April 13, 2007

Impossible is Something

Its been on for a little while I know, but Adidas have done something remarkable recently. Produced an ad that uses a major celebrity in a way that is absolutely engaging, and in no way tacky.

The recent 'Impossible is Nothing' ads with David Beckham explaining about his high and low moments is wonderful. You get a real sense of personality and emotion that you rarely see on any ad, let alone a celebrity endorsed one.

Not only has it made me think more positively about the Adidas brand, it makes me think more positively about David Beckham. Showing the true nature of a person behind their wonderful abilities.

Here is a very long version, I couldnt find the shorter tv one at the moment.


lauren said...

that is so much better than this rubbish PR stunt. adidas street and adidas sport need to start exchanging emails, maybe even take each other out for lunch 'cos they're drifting apart badly.

Rob said...

Indeed it is.

I love the fact that this ad proves that celeb ads can still actually be great ads.

Rob @ Cynic said...

This is one of the best celebrity endoresement ads ever AND it is totally relevant to the brand idea.

Good on Adidas [and 180] for making sure the celebrity worked to the idea and not the other way round.