Friday, April 27, 2007

Etc. (etc)

1. I think I have Laryngitis... my girlfriend had it and im pretty sure ive caught it off her! Luckily I only felt ill the day after my interview.

2. Had an interview this week in London for an Account management role. Hoping to hear back soon. I also got (sort of) offered a 6 month job doing 'digital' project management at a small (but growing) agency. Lots to think about, especially as I still have people from several agencies (and one brand) to have "chats" with next time im in London.

3. The next My Brain Hurts - Northern Planning Summit is in the process of being organised. I shall keep you all updated. After the appearance of many of Love last time, its going to be a tough one to beat!


Rob @ Cynic said...

Sorry about the throat issues but was your interview at 'you know where'?

Fingers crossed - but if they have any sense, it'll be them hoping you say yes.

lauren said...

if an artist-type from australia with no planning experience whatsoever were to show up at your Northern Planning Summit, would she be sent back on the train to london quick smart?

Rob (ad pit) said...

usually yes, but I think we can make an exception for you ;)

Rob (ad pit) said...

Oh and Rob:

Yes, the place I mentioned.

I hope so too!

NP said...

They had better bloody hire you Rob. That's all I have to say about that.

Lauren, if I find you were able to get Up North this Thursday and didn't, there will be severe consequences. That's all I'm saying.

Rob (ad pit) said...


Indeed, if Lauren is in Blightly we would be mightily annoyed if she didnt show!