Thursday, April 12, 2007

Why we will miss HHCL... (now with added Blackcurrant)


lauren said...

not such a fan of the tango one (maybe a cultural difference) but the others are all fucking brilliant!

Rob said...

I was 9 when the Tango ad came out, and I think for most people of my age it will forever be iconic.

When someone Tango slaps you in the playground you remember it...luckily I avoided it, but I saw it done for weeks.

I can state absolutely without question that the only reason I ever considered and bought tango were HHCL's ads.

toto said...

did you know this post sits in wikipedia as 'best-of' collection of HHCL TV ads. i clicked on the link and i was like holy shit i know this blog, it's another rob's blog. nice ! :]