Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Everybody should wave a big goodbye to HHCL.
Whether or not they managed to last, the fact is that they made some of the most original and downright funny ads of all time.

And now the wreckage is being washed up at Grey... (as im sure you already knew)


Rob @ Cynic said...

They came ... they saw ... they conquered ... some left ... they changed ... some more left ... they battled ... they died.

HHCL were the pioneers of cultural advertising - stuff with ideas, imagination and bravery - the greatest time of my profesional life.

A tragedy. Goodbye.

Rob said...

Unlike most tragedies however, at least one has ended with the key people moving out and starting their own agencies with various positive aspects of HHCL in them.

Will said...

'Key' people.. hmph.