Wednesday, July 05, 2006

D&ad Exhibition

I went to the D&ad exhibition in Manchester this weekend (riiight before the England game), and how nice it was to be able to see such a thing without having to travel down to London! Was a bit smaller than I expected though.

Some great work, some of my favourites:

"The Power of Press" print ads - Great great copy.

Sony Bravia - Balls - Even better once you see just how insane and manic the real-time dropping of the balls is; and compare it to the chilled vibe of the ad.

Budweiser Men of Genius - 80SPF Suntan lotion wearer - Not really a radical idea, but brilliantly funny and involving.

Nintendogs - I love this game, and its good to see it recognised for it's creative progression.

Carlton Draught - Big Ad - An ad that manages to parody advertising whilst still functioning as a good ad in its own right! Oh and, it features probably the best food/drink tagline of the 20th Century: "Made From Beer".

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