Sunday, July 09, 2006

DFS - So Near Yet Sofa

After my slightly positive post about the last DFS radio ad and it's lack of Dirity (If thats not a word, it should be...) it is interesting to note their new tv/radio ads.

They are somewhat interesting and unusual for DFS, but still pretty derivative.

DFS New Ad

On the radio it reminded instantly of the well loved old nationwide ads; with the constant stream of words. Very very similar in some ways, but thats not necessarily a bad thing.

On watching the tv version above, it is apparent that they have used the old Bob Dylan words on boards idea (as also seen below on the classic Maxell ad). Though to be fair it is done pretty well, and a type of DFS brand imprint is certainly stamped on the ideas.

DFS are certainly taking small steps into better ads, even if they do strongly resemble past ads. But then again, anything without Linda Barker is a big plus.

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Anonymous said...

But are they still having a sale for 49 weeks of the year???