Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Vauxhall - Those Pesky Kids

Just a brief post today:

The vauxhall adverts featuring the 'adult kids' weren't bad, they were fairly amusing and provided recornisable snippets of real family life.

The problem I have now is that they have really got irritating very quickly. Especially as they keep repeating the same ads over and over again.

Please make some different ads or change them altogether, as im sure I cant be the only one...

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Scamp said...

I totally agree. Those ads are irritating. And I too have seen them too many times.

This OTS (Opportunities To See) statistic that media people talk about is wack.

They normally tell you that the OTS for an ad is 3.4 or something.

Yet although I don't watch much TV I seem to see every single ad about 100 times...