Sunday, July 30, 2006

Heated Debate

Back from a great but ridiculously hot two days in London.
My cheap hotel room was the hottest place on earth, I almost bought a desk fan just for the second night; and central London wasnt much cooler!

Had a great 2.5 hour discussion on Friday about advertising, blogs and the like with the brilliant Richard Huntingdon, though I worried him when I said that I expected him to be about 10 years older than he was! General discussion points of interest were: Isn't Russell great, isn't the new Coke Zero work rubbish, doesn't all good music have synthesizers?

Later on Friday I joined the legendary Russell and other intelligent people for yet more talk on advertising and other marketing topics. Well worth travelling down from Sheffield for. Though I was a little amused when Russell kept introducing me as the "famous Rob"..!

Apart from the heat and the power cuts, a fantastic trip; I hope to make another set of Coffee events very soon. Normal Service Resumes Shortly.


Andrew said...

So Rob, I guess you won't want to come out to play on Wednesday now, what with being 'famous' and making cooler friends than us;0)

Rob said...

On the contrary, I dont have to buy train tickets and stay in boiling hot hotels to have a drinkscussion up here!

Rob @ Cynic said...

You are famous ... I got more excited seeing a photo of you than I was of the cynic party!

Rob said...

Haha, I don't know if I should be happy at my ad world fame or be disappointed that I haven't been hired yet!

Must have been a rubbish party then Rob!

FishNChimps said...

but when you do get hired you'll hit the ground running: loadsa peeps will know you

Rob @ Cynic said...

You do yourself a disservice Mr Mortimer ... the party was magic but finally seeing who was behind the name, was better - I felt like the bitch from The Wizzard Of Oz when she finally got to pull back the curtain - but obviously, you are not such an anti-climax, ha!

Rob said...

Thanks FnC :)

I suppose its good that there is an element of surprise in the blog... That was something I discussed with Richard actually, about how Russell is so open with his blog, and other people are more closed.

Oh and, you got a band pun in by accident. Wizzard of Oz... brilliant.