Monday, July 09, 2007

Be Green to be Seen

Live Earth. An impressive showcase of acts highlighting a great cause. [Metallica. woooo!]
Two things I believe are worth saying about this: (>me. angry)

1. Shut. The. Hell. Up.

"Oh, but the lighting used a lot of electricity" "I bet they all flew there on private jets" "I dont want to change my lifestyle"

Stupid idiots. Its ok to be sceptical, but for goodness sake... surely you all see the BIGGER picture?

When your kids grow up in a world full of floods, extreme temperatures, and a lack of fuel; your self pitying laziness wont seem quite so impressive to your buddies.

Even if we have nothing to do with global warming (even the most sceptical of scientists would say that we have had some effect), its not like its costs you money to use energy saving lightbulbs. It saves you money. Oh pity you and the 10 seconds of effort it takes to switch of your tv instead of putting it on standby.

2. Brands have to be there first.

They rightly said that if people demand environmentally friendly goods businesses will provide them. Its true. But c'mon brands... you can see where the trends are going. You must see that being there early can only help your company in the long term.

Alright, you dont want to be seen as jumping on a bandwagon... but the only real bandwagon jumpers are the late movers. The quicker you act the more positive it can be for you.

Agencies should play their part too. You know that you can plant seeds in the brains of the brands you work with. You are helping them talk to the customer, and as soon as the customer is ready you must tell them.

"But my consumers arent asking for us to be environmentally active yet." Maybe. But do you close down your research and development departments just because no one has asked for your top secret new product yet? Of course not.

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