Sunday, July 22, 2007

Important Product Lesson No 1: Sky Plus

I love Sky+. It's an essential part of my tv viewing, like an RGB lead or remote control.
But every so often it absolutely makes me want to throw it out of the window.

When events overrun, why is there NO system to extend the recording time?

Todays formula one race was the most amazing and exciting one I have seen in over 15 years of watching the sport... except I missed the last 8 crucial laps because it was delayed by a restart.

WHY?! For god sake Sky sort it out.

Video recorders could do it, Videoplus codes gave an extended recording time. So why not Sky Plus that already knows when the start and end of a programme is?

Its a remarkable flaw in a fantastic product, but it ALWAYS does this. I don't trust it to record sporting events anymore, I would NEVER recommend it to someone to record sport.

I cannot believe they havent fixed this, its not a new product. They have had years to do something about it. I frankly am not happy. I am furious.

So Sky, what do you plan to do for someone who has not only used and recommended Sky for 14 years; but who also signed up hundreds of people when I worked in a store?


Dave Mortimer said...

We managed to watch three laps more than you before it cut off, strangely.

Adam said...

it's not going to bring back the last 8 laps, but...

next time there's a sporting event why don't you set it to record the show after?

i don't have Sky+, but that's what i do with my Tivo if i predict a run-over...

even though i can edit the start/end time, i find it easier to do it that way - it's a 2 button process, and guarentees hapiness :)

Rob Mortimer said...

I have done before, but I never expected the F1 to run over.

Its so simple though, all they have to do is not send the 'stop recording' signal till it actually ends.

Besides which. Its still a big flaw with the product. You wouldnt buy a car that every now and again would cut out while you still had fuel in it.

Rob Mortimer said...

(Thanks for commenting by the way!)

Dave Mortimer said...

The highlights programme is better anyway... more crash for your cash.

Doug said...

you can extend the length of time before and after a show that the box will record (in options I think). not sure if it would have stretched to 8 laps mind, but it sorted me out on Doctor Who :-)

NP said...

I like it when you get angry.

What a stupid, obvious flaw. Of course you could set it for the showe after, but you shouldn't have to!

Reminds of my Dad's rage at the footie being cancelled when Diana died.

Rob Mortimer said...

Wow. I would have burnt an effigy of Murdoch had Sky+ not recorded the end of Doctor Who or Life on Mars!

Thats my point NP, I can record after it; but why should I have to record 70 minutes after FA cup games in case they go to penalties? I dont have enough room to run an hour after every event.

Does that mean I should get angry more??

Don't get me started on having several days devoted to Diana, yet near genocide takes place in Africa no one seems to give a shit.

Dave Mortimer said...

Probably for the best, I don't think the world could take another Elton John comeback.