Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Romeo Romeo...Slow Down!

In that odd 'planner' style of thinking, finally getting to see my favourite car of the moment in real life (even if it was in Sainsbury's car park) made me think a lot about the way I see things.

The Alfa Romeo Brera... its bloody gorgeous. £32k of Italian style. Even in black it was distractingly wonderful.

Yet they (Alfa) are known for being unreliable, for having build issues...yet if you wrote me a cheque for £32k I wouldnt even look at any of its competitors. There is something in that passion that so clearly wraps itself around the car that makes it far more than the sum of its parts.

Which oddly is very much how I think. I can accept failure, and learn from it. I can accept flaws, even compromise. But the one thing I cannot and will not accept is a lack of passion. Maybe thats why I love Nintendo not Playstation, why I love Innocent and not PJ, why I love Ben and Jerry's more than Haagen Daaz.

When I pass my test I plan to get a Volkwagon Polo (ideal first car you see), and in a sense I admire the passion of VW in perfecting the quality and reliability of their cars in the same way Alfa perfect the looks and style. You wont see me driving anything without passion in its craft, and I sincerely hope you will never see me involved in anything else without passion running right the way through it.

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Anonymous said...

I like this post Rob - I like it alot - because it not only highlights the power of perception/rumour ... but also the power of the heart over the head.

In these days of parity, brand power [not the crappy Aussie hard-sell, cheapo company, but the value of a 'brand'] is probably more needed than at many times of the past ... as long as companies realise that with brand, you need product, distribution, service [etc etc] to back it up.

Rob Mortimer (aka Famous Rob) said...

Indeed. I believe they are fairly accurate perceptions, judging from the car surveys I see. But it is surprising so many brands don't understand the power of passion.

'Branding for brandings sake' is on a down path right now. But that only makes justifying, and backing up your brand with stories and ideas and passion more important than ever.

Will said...

Everyone loves people who try - I think you've written a very insightful post.

Rob Mortimer (aka Famous Rob) said...

Thanks :)

Age said...

Agreed, great post.
I f**kn love that car too, sexy!

Rob Mortimer (aka Famous Rob) said...

Isn't it just.
The one I saw had the top of the range alloys too.

You know a car is special if it brightens your day just by being there!