Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Future Marketing Summit Day One

Hi! After bashing my dads laptop (metaphorically dad, dont worry), I can finally post about todays event. I will update on the mornings events later, but here is the details of the first talk of the afternoon:

The first part of the afternoon session was with Tim Ashton – Founder of Antidote.

After taking part in the earlier design conference Tim talked about “A Fresh Perspective”. Here are some of the key points of his talk:

Choosing ideas that people want to spend time with rather than interrupting things that people are interested in. Simple big ideas are more important than ever before. This is something that has been discussed a lot on blog’s recently.

He talks about forgetting the idea of 360, bringing ideas in across channels.

Content is everything, no ideas hierarchy.

Changing the team, creative teams should mean more than just copywriting and art directing. They should embrace collaboration. Multi skilled teams, they should include a planner and a comms planner.

Bored of “headline pun” and “coincidence visual ads, everything starting to feel the same. This might cause small tremors along most teams who work on car ads. Small car with big features anyone?

Design is a crucial opportunity to differentiate. Not enough design skills in ad agencies, and probably visa-versa.

So much bad design about. (Really? I hadn’t noticed, though that may be the point…)


Rob @ Cynic said...

So basically he is spouting off on the stuff we've all been spouting off about for ages?

Is that a fair assumption or am I being a shit?

What I want to know is how did his presentation make you feel - both interms of content and execution.

Excited, disasppointed, bored??? I want to hear Mr Mortimers take on what was said as well as what was said - if you know what I mean.

Rob @ Cynic said...

Just been talking to the guys about the conference and what we all felt is that too often, the speakers talk about the 'future' like it is something already 'created' ... a completed destination ... rather than something we actually have to work towards getting to.

Either that, or they talk interms of such small evolutions that you just have to ask whether there was any point wasting your life listening to them - ESPECIALLY as half the time they quote examples that are already happening somewhere in the World and as far as I can remember, that isn't the definition of FUTURE [but then at these conferences, what is?]

I wish someone stood up and said, "The future is just like today except more frustrating because we'll have been spouting on about it for 20 years without ever actually having done something about getting there"

Speak out Rob - you're a smart guy and have a better grasp of reality than many of these 'visionaries without practicality'.

Rob Mortimer said...

Its funny, people mentioned there were no real renegades around like HHCL used to be...

They arent looking clearly!

Full opinions will follow, but as this laptop has awful battery life im reduced to 'mostly factual' updates til i get home!

I will pass your views on to Alex (Founder of the FMS), and I will put my views across soon!

Not seen Bazza yet either!

Love the term Visionaries without Practicality...

Rob @ Cynic said...

Where abouts are you so I can tell Bazza and please pass on my comments - because having read Kevin Roberts 'bollocks dressed as visionary', I think the conference/industry needs a kick up the proverbial.

And feel free to use 'Visonaries Without Practicalities' because [1] it'll piss off some of the 'I'm-so-cool-though-I've-never-done-anything-on-my-own-without-corporate-backing and [2] it will upset Andy.

Have fun - I am enjoying the reviews and look forward even more to hearing your views.

Rob Mortimer said...

Im on the left four rows back. And wearing a black shirt with my tag in the middle.

I keep looking for him but cant see him!

Rob @ Cynic said...

I'm SMSing the lazy bugger - if he is site-seeing, he's soooooooo busted.

Speak soon and have fun.

Ben said...

Rob, to finally meet you and well done for blogging the event.

I'm noe gonna wade through all these posts and leave suitably clever comments.

Ben said...

That's "good" to finally meet you. Obviously.

Rob Mortimer said...

Still no sign...

Rob @ Cynic said...

He was with a client apprentely - will get George to give him a 'nudge'