Thursday, March 22, 2007

Future Marketing Summit Day Two - Part 2

Mike Mathieson and the other guy whose name is not in my booklet – the founders of Cake talking about entertainment insights.

Firstly, I absolutely love the fact that Cake was names after the Cake episode of Brass Eye. They also showed some interesting examples of their work.

They talked about the Internet as a social transformer, about entertainment as an ice breaker; and about how focus is moving towards shared experiences.

They showed some good examples, including work for Motorola and Nintendo Wii (hurrah!). They seem to be very good at creating attention and press coverage gaining events… but the question for me is, how good are they outside their safety zone, which appears to be mostly music?


Ben said...

I like Cake a lot, but somehow their presentation felt a little, well, old fashioned.

I've always worried that if you're incredibly fashionable you will one day start to become unfashionable. I wonder if that's what's happening here?

Marcus Brown said...

I once a client of cake.

Marcus Brown said...

Just noticed how bad my comment was, and would like to correct it a little.

I was once a client of cake. I did not like being a client of cake.

So, that's better.

Rob Mortimer said...

They did seem a little bit late 90s flash animation, though I did like the inclusion of other peoples ads; made them seem more human and less "corporate".

Well, look at the 70s. Taste forgot it, then found it, hugged it, woke up next morning next to it and ran away again as far as it could go.

Thanks Marcus, care to elaborate?

mike said...

Hey, thanks for all the comments both good and bad, its always good to have feedback. Hopefully we are not too fashionable and in danger of going the other way... For us its just good that the days of the Ad agency controlling all the creative are over - good for us and in the long run good for them.

Marcus, not sure when or where you were a client of Cake - would love to know why our paths crossed negatively...was it my loose tongue?

Do enlighten me please!!


Mike Mathieson

Rob said...

I think its just natural that those who are ahead will eventually be caught up a bit.

I certainly liked the work I saw. As someone who has been waiting for the Wii for a long time I had noticed how much better (than Nintendo usually are) the build up campaign was before the launch.

As a huge music fan I am also well aware of the work you do with Carling, and it works for sure.

I would like to know Marcus's story though...

Thanks for visiting Mike, hope you will return.

Marcus Brown said...

I will tell this story. Later.

Marcus Brown said...

Hi Mike, we never met. Although I was allowed to "look" at you from afar. Having checked my blog stats I see that you, or someone from cake has had a jolly good look around and has probably worked out that our paths crossed whilst I was at Nintendo of Europe.

I should point out, that, as far as I can remember everyone at NOE was happy with your work. This may have have had something to do with fear of the then CEO of NOE or the fact the cake were spot on. I'm not sure.

We're talking a while back. About 2001. We had just launched the European GBA website, were planning the GC and the Pan European Web stuff. My contact to Cake was around the community component of each of these things.

I was frustrated by the general lack of insight I received from your team, although to be fair it was only really one person who disappointed. I spent rather too much time deleting buzz words from what was supposed to be strategy which resulted in a document that simply said "this might be cool but we can't tell you why" (again this was in 2001 and everything was exciting - yet not known).

I should also point out that your people (even the chap in question) were lovely and that I was not very happy being on the client side of things and may have been a terrible client to work for.

But at the end of the day, I did not like being a client of Cake.

Hope that helps.

Marcus Brown said...

And I thought that you were too UK focused, which was a problem because we were launching into Euroean markets.

This all, may have changed now, of course.

Rob said...

Sounds fair to me.

And there we were thinking you were going to tell some awful story of bad work and evil staff!

Rob said...

Its good to know that someone at Nintendo appreciated Europe Marcus, because until the DS/Wii launches it never ever felt like Nintendo gave a monkey's about Europe.

NP said...

Well written and fair Marcus.

Even response Mike but......

Good that the ad agency is no longer controlling the creative? Hopefully that means it's good they have less control over the any creative that isn't advertising....always worrying when anyone talks about 'controlling' the creative to be honest.