Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Quick Update - Tridon't

Just heard the uk tv ad for Trident chewing gum has been banned after being considered racist.
I will try and find it on my dinner to show you.

Thoughts from those who've seen it?

Here are mine:

What a bloody awful ad. I can see what it's trying to do, make a chewing gum brand into some kind of trendy renegade brand. I really do get the impression that this is a client who has absolutely no understanding of just how little their product or brand means to anyone, even their loyal customers.

I don't think it's particularly racist, but its so badly written that it makes the actor appear stupid and stereotyped by the content.

I almost don't want to show the ad because that will only give it publicity, but for your benefit (thanks to Doug) its here. I get the strong impression Trident are going to walk into the next agency office and say "id like a You Tube viral please". Because if thats not the case, then someone at their agency is suffering from major 'cliche' avoidance syndrome.



Doug said...

i'm glad it's being banned, though mainly because it's rubbish!

Doug said...

NB... here's one of the offending spots:

Charles Frith said...

It's awful. Heavily contrived to get a pun in. Mastication for the nation.

np said...

I agree, it's just hopeless stereotyping.
And I don't really care, it's too irritating.

Young william's in Campaign (so I've heard. In the provinces, it arrives on the back of homing pigeons on Fridays)

FishNChimps said...

the thing is... everyone will remember Trident now.

If an ad's going to get banned then there should be a specific ASA rule that legislates for awfulness. Banning it on the grounds of racism is wrong, and panders to PC-ness. Caribbean stereotypes have been on several TV ad campaigns without a murmur (some of them were aesthetically dodgy too).

Rob said...

Im all for that one FNC.

"This ad has been banned because it is an insult to the intelligence of the public."

While we are at it, I would also like:

"This ad has been banned for blatant overuse of pack shots and/or exaggerated drinking and thirst simulation."