Thursday, March 22, 2007

Future Marketing Summit Day Two - Part 3

Next up is TBWA, discussing the Nissan Qashqai work.

Enthusiasm > Pain !

Nissan wanted to rival VW Golf in terms of sales and perception, which involved needing 80% of sales coming from people who don’t normally have any association with Nissan.

Objectives: Make Qashqai a household name, create interest, build intrigue and engage for long launch period.

As TBWA rightly point out, the name is odd, yet it worked for the Nintendo Wii… it’s also harder to make puns about the word Qashqai!

They came up with a fictitious urban sport of Qashqai, with rules, ads, history, galleries etc. Not an easy task they say, but it actually became fun. The aim was to make the content the media, not about buying media.

Difficulty in tying it all together, what with being a “traditional” agency (eurgh…).

Made how to guide – rule book, including one for each country.

When people started to point out it was fake (of course..) they started to join in, such as whether things were mathematically possible.

The campaign does appear to be a good example of how big agencies can work together; with 12 involved in this case.

Results: Gave Nissan employees pride in the car, improved the profile of Nissan Europe within the company. Awareness / views / sales a lot above expectation.


NP said...

Thanks for all this Rob. Between you and Beeker, there's no need for anyone else to go

Rob said...

Thanks, I shall update the rest of the info after work today!

Beeker and Ben are ace by the way. Was an honour to drink wine with them!

Ben also has the best business cards ive seen in years, which I will bring to the next MBH.