Saturday, March 10, 2007

Mr Campbells Alter Ego?

I am an avid fan of Charlie Brookers Screenwipe, a brilliant show in which he basically reviews and slags off the tv industry in a very "you tube" format.

Its informative, witty and sometimes brilliantly offensive. This week he turned his attention to the biggest cocks in advertising, and guess what, he is spot on.

Hitting the nail on the head with the awful Kellogs ad with Ray Winstone, and of course Coke Zero.

Geez, I cant even say Coke Zero without wanting to type PRODUCT SHOT NOW!...gah.

Rob Campbell in disguise maybe?

(oh and thanks to Scamp for the link to the vid, I was struggling to find it!)


Age said...

That is hilarious!
Def how I picture Rob to be, hehehe!

lauren said...

that is fucking awesome rob!!! i think that guy is probably a combination of rob and andy... loved his response to the kids in number four - bring back the raspberry as a suitable form of verbal communication :)

Rob @ Cynic said...

Who is this brother of mine I didn't know about.

My Mum has some serious questions to answer tonight. [Especially as it looks like a very, very, very thin Andy!]

Rob said...

I love the show, and when he did this bit I just though... this is EXACTLY what Rob and Andy would do if they had a show!

Rob @ Cynic said...

Now is that a compliment or an insult Mr M??? Haha

Rob said...

A bit of both maybe ;)

So when do we hear about this ice cold revenge story eh?

max said...

ooh - very fun.

np said...

A combination of Rob and Andy. Scary

Rob said...

Especially when you consider it would be called either:

Randy or Anob.

Hi Max, not seen you before I don't think. So welcome...unless you've been here ages in which case welcome back!

Rob @ Cynic said...

Don't ever put an image in my mind of Andy amd me combined ... it's horrible ... something like the Michelin Man with a gun and glasses.