Thursday, March 01, 2007

Negotiation by Ad

Wow. I cannot believe that noone on the blogs I read has mentioned the all out war of words that is going on between Sky and Virgin Media.

The story is that they are negotiating to keep Sky channels on Virgin services, and Sky (alledgedly) would only accept extortionate prices and have no withdrawn their channels. Sky however, say that they have offered numerous alternatives and Virgin have refused.

The amazing bit is that this war is being carried out everywhere in print ads in newspapers. This is AFTER sky put ads on Virgin's feed of their channels asking people to call Virgin and tell them how much they want the channels!I have never seen so much advertising between two companies in such a short space of time.

They are talking straight at the public, with Virgin appearing to come off slightly more positive.

I will try and photo some of the ads tonight, but just get a paper from today or (probably) tomorrow and read a battle going on before our very eyes.

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NP said...

Too angry to comment on this, which is comment enough