Thursday, March 22, 2007

Future Marketing Summit Day Two

The first item of the day was a talk from Mike Bennett, Creative Director of Digit.

He spoke about the importance of moments, what happens at the point the customer meets your brand or product. Emphasising that communication is about people not technology.

Moments of interaction matter just as much as a big idea or strategy.

The battle of form and function vs the experience, with the good example of the iPod. The wheel is not the most useful way of navigating the system, but it provides a great experience.

A great point was about websites not being as lateral as people think they, most people search – find – view – and go.

Another good point is that digital is not just about the office or indoors on your pc.

He also spoke of how flawed manuals are, people don’t read them; maybe they could follow the route of video games, taking you through the product gradually.


Ben said...

This was a fantastic presentation.

The work had a kind of surprising element that we didn't really see elsewhere.

Good stuff.

Rob Mortimer said...


He seemed to have some of the best understanding on the changes that have happened/are coming.