Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Getting Excited!

I am very much looking forward to the Future Marketing Summit, as it would normally be impossible for me to attend something with so many intelligent people talking about ads/marketing/design/etc.

I asked a little while ago for ideas as to what people think the Future Marketing Summit should be talking about, and here are (most of) the answers I got:

  • "what people think about Big Ideas v a collection of little ones.

  • Whatisface was on about this in Campaign, defending the Big Idea - but most of the examples he used were brands that have a long history, back into the old days of messaging."

  • With such product parity, do people think Brand Advertising is MORE or LESS relevant in marketing today?

  • Is the future of brand growth, product led?

  • Will cause marketing become a core driver for brand differentiation/growth?

  • Is brand activation a fad or is it here to stay?

  • Why is creativity not so highly valued as media efficiency?

  • Who are the future powerbrokers of business success? [ie: The retail trade now have the power over the Coca-Cola's of the World which is radically different from past times]

  • Is communication about selling or leaving a positive impression on consumers?

  • How much has innovation got to play in brand success?

  • What is the real power of communicating on the net?

  • Will the impact of copywriting on the public change the importance of creativity in an age where we need to keep doing more to interest people...?

  • Why are their not enough bald men in advertising when there are so many shiny headed planners?
Thoughts..? (bear in mind these will probably be passed onto the organisers of the event)


Rob @ Cynic said...

Will get the boys to have another think for other questions ... and I particulary love the last one.

Mind you, I once was asked by a student in Asia why so many planners WERE bald - and he wanted a serious answer!!!

[I told him it had been scientifically proven our brains worked at such high power it caused our heads to heat up thus killing the hair folicles. I know ... but I couldn't help it!]

lauren said...

should we be discussing the future of marketing, or marketing the future?

richard said...

Thanks Rob,

I am chairing the panel session on technology and I am short of questions.

Maybe I'll see you there tomorrow?


Rob said...

Hope so, i'll be looking out for people I recognise!

One id like to add is:

With online media moving and changing at such a quick rate, what areas of online communication are likely to remain useful over the next 5 years?

(Personally I think blogging will stay as it is inter-communication. While email is going to stay for a long while)