Friday, March 23, 2007

Why Guerrilla Marketing isnt Dead

I must interrupt my Future Marketing Summit posts (one update left plus my views to come!) to mention a fantastic piece of Guerrilla/Ambush marketing on behalf of the Xbox 360.

As you may know, the PS3 launched yesterday in the UK; to surprisingly little enthusiasm. It sold well, but not with the mania we expected.

However, some kind people went and handed out free camping chairs to those who were waiting outside stores before they opened.

The chairs have written on the back "Shouldnt have kept you waiting", and the url

Which of course...


Doug said...

nice, but i reckon the 'impromptu' giveaway of 42" HD Bravias to the first 100 in the queue at virgin megastores in oxford st won sony a bit of kudos back (not to mention loads of PR in the London freesheets today too)

less subtle, but you can't beat good ol' fashioned bribery!!!

Rob Mortimer said...

I think that was a clever way of distracting people there from going away thinking how quiet the launch was.

HMV didnt even open at midnight!

Doug said...

i think you're absolutely right!

and in the meantime, I'll still stick to the wii!!

Guerrilla Communication said...
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Guerrilla Communication said...

During the launch of the PS3 system in Paris at the Eiffel tower, a big boat promoting the XBOX 360 kept cruising by.

I guess Guerrilla Marketing isn't dead indeed.

Rob Mortimer said...

Yes, I was quite impressed with the Xbox 360 effort to disrupt the PS3 launch.

Microsoft know Sony are vulnerable at the moment, and they are doing a decent job of capitalising on that.