Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Two Non-ad Updates

Just because one thing made me happy, and one pissed me off!

1. Im engaged! Yes, Ad Pit Rob is officially off the market for good! :D

2. Daily Express readers...are you not fed up with them putting Lady Diana on the cover every week despite the fact she has been dead for nearly 10 years?

Even before this enquiry, ANY excuse to stick her on the cover and they would. "Burrell latest book about Diana", "Queen says... ' here is a picture of the Queens former relative, Lady Diana' ", "William and Harry, shown here with their mum". ARGH!

I wasnt one of those people upset at her death, it was sad yes; but while hundreds of people die everyday from starvation and man made wars I think its a small event.

But seriouly people, let her rest in peace.


Rob @ Cynic said...

Is that all you give your big news? A couple of lines?

Eitherway, a massive congrats to you and the lady mate - it's fantastic news.

Christ ... house, wife, Wii all in a matter of months - you are living your life at mircowave speed!

gemma said...

Congratulations. Does that mean we're buying the drinks at Northern Planners next week :-)

np said...

I'm not buying him cointreau.

Again, congratulations.

Slightly worried you've linked your wondeful news with Diana. I won't too hard about this.

np said...

...and lets hope the momentum proceeds with a planning job

Rob said...

Well, I don't want to go on about it, after all; most of my regular readers already know!

Thanks Rob / Gemma / NP!

I didnt look at it that way, but feel free to if you so wish ;)

And no real link, just saved making two posts...

And I hope so too, now my internet is up I can actually start looking around properly again.

Also have lots of people to meet in London (and the FM summit) :D

Seb said...

Rob, congratulations. First I thought you got a job what would have been great (have missed you're blog for quite a time, maybe you already have one?). But then from the tags I concluded that it's about a lady. And that's way better. I raise my coffee mug to you and repeat my congratulations.

Rob said...

Thanks, both to you and your coffee mug!

No job yet, but lots of contacts to meet soon :)

FishNChimps said...


Will said...

Congratulations on the engagement.

Rob said...

Thanks FNC / Seb / Will!