Friday, May 11, 2007

Debt Ads Matter

Radio ads are so polarising. Some are great and some are awful.

While others are just diabloodybolical.

An ad for Debt Matters is currently on our local station all the time. (im not linking to them as I would hate to promote their site based on this ad).

It goes pretty much:

"Did you know you can pay off debts without a loan?
Do you?
Oi, stupid, are you listening?
Look, you are in debt, therefore you must have a brain the size of a pea.
(aside) Idiot.

I really hate this kind of hard sell ad, and I hate the assumption that everyone in debt is ignorant and stupid even more. I speak to people who use these kinds of services on a regular basis, and most of them seem just as intelligent as anyone else. So why do this company (among others) not understand that? Honestly...


Age said...

Wow, that ad is incredibly bad.
Knowing how many people your average radio ad has to pass through in order to get produced it's hard to comprehend no one clicked to the fact that it was so negative and thus, would push people away...
I wonder what their strategy is????

Anonymous said...

Hateful ad