Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Its something Richard touched on a while ago, and now Rob Campbell has brought it up again, and I think it is really worth discussing:

What Happened to the Ad Slogan?

You can tell the age of many people by the ad slogans they remember; Beanz Meanz Heinz, Heineken Refreshes the Parts Other Beers ccannot Reach, etc.

But for a while now it has been fashionable not to have a closing slogan in tv ads, and they have been much less obvious in print ads.

I think a lot of this is because they were seen as "hard sell" rather than what they really are, which is just part of the copy.

Good slogans capture the meaning and essence of the brand, as well as tying into the ad execution.

What are your favourite ad slogans, and why? Did they make the ad funny (I think thats what he said, but I need to hear it on a Maxell), or just make you remember?

I am glad though that despite some rubbish examples (Im Loving It, Where in the world? PC World) good slogans are starting to make a comeback. The two big campaigns of recent years had them (The Power of Dreams, Sony Like.No.Other); and others are bringing them back too (McCain - Its All Good).

What do you think is the future for the ad slogan?


Anonymous said...

I actually think we'll start going back to them more. We're seeing load of brands falling back on their old lines - we'll get less up our own arses and remember we're creating stuff people want to remember.
They'll be more about compression and less about single mindedness though.
Or probably not...

Anonymous said...

I hope so too.
The more I think about it, the less it feels like theyve gone away at all. They seem to have been on a steady recovery since the begininning of this decade.

When we see the reemergence of alliteration and rhyme led taglines we know its back full circle!

Anonymous said...

where's campbell

Anonymous said...

On a plane as usual!