Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Power of Dreams

(No not another Honda post!)

I was thinking about all those weird ideas and half-dreams we have in our lives.

I was contemplating a wish of mine to open up an arcade cafe/bar with all retro games and classics in...(I have a list too, but I wont add it here!) something that would be different to a modern arcade with all the gambling and toy machines, just a pure gaming haven. I hope one day I can have enough money to do it!

I remember when I was younger (like 6 or 7) I had this odd idea of opening a petrol station (I think I was fascinated by their logos and brand identities). I drew a logo for it and pondered how someone who had no scientific knowledge could make petrol!

What dreams have you had? And would you act on them if you had the chance?


FishNChimps said...

When I was a teenager I toyed with idea of a joint dog brothel and gardening centre.
I had in mind the thousands of owners of sexually frustrated male dogs that would harass female dogs in the park. Let them get their rocks off with a selection of pedigree and mongrel female canines.
The gardening centre bit was in keeping with the outdoor theme. Carefully chosen lines of plants that repel cock-legged dogs from peeing on your garden gate.
I wanted to call the store "Bitches and hoes".

Rob said...

Almost like the name came before the idea!

Rob @ Cynic said...

I like this post ...

For me, I wanted to buy a Range Rover and drive down every single road in the British Isles to see where it took me and what things looked like.'

Would I do it if I had the chance? Well apart from the fact I'd probably be carjacked in Nottingham and have my wheels nicked in Liverpool - probably.

There's probably some deep psychological meaning behind this dream - but knowing my luck rather than representing an inquisitive nature, it means I'm just a sad fart.

I like your idea ... though we couldn't play FIFA in different countries then! Ha.