Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Leveraging the Proactive Mindset to Help the Bottom Line

ARGH! What is it about certain business people and a complete failure to understand the English language? Cynic Rob posted on this, and it really needs further discussion.

So many businesses send communications that are full of management buzzwords, jargon and completebullshit. It's like Gus Hedges is running corporate communications...

99% of Business to Business contacts I see are PURE bullshit. Its like many businesses seem to think that other businesses only appreciate selling on an absolute blatant hard-sell level.

A perfect example is investment ads. They always look and sounds ibloodydentical (not a new apple product..).

Jeez. Business people are just like normal people but much harder worked. The very LAST thing they want is to use a dictionary to translate your shitty cold-call email for a service they probably dont need or are already getting for less money than you charge (because all your jargon filled emails make your company think it is better than anybody else).

I write for over 15,000 small business people and they always go for the simply written, easy to digest things.

Make it simple and they spend more time thinking about whether they need your product instead of spending time trying to understand your wording.


Anonymous said...

Good on you mate ... this is a massive issue and you are probably better placed to comment than most people in adland.

Anonymous said...


I just got this as a PRESS RELEASE!

"Mobile terminated premium rate SMS service enables multiple mobile content services to be offered from one convenient shortcode"

What Journalist will be interested in that?!