Thursday, May 17, 2007

Question About Me 6-10


1. How do I cope with failure: It depends on the situation. I dont like failure, but i'm not one to give up without a fight (metaphorically speaking). Ive not yet got an ad job but im still here blogging and reading ad blogs every single day. Im still searching.

Its cliche, but you only fail when you stop trying.

2. My Middle Name: James

3. Biggest Disappointment: Hard to know really. I think the second ad job I went for. As I still didnt know that much (compared to now) at the time, but I thought I had done really well... then was gutted when I didnt get it!

4. Where do I see myself in 10 years: As a good account planner/manager, hopefully I will have developed and be looking up that proverbial ladder!


1. what is the one question you hate answering about yourself? and then answer it:
Nice question! Normally its people asking me what I do, as because its a small business I do about 5 things...even then I have to explain what we do before I answer!

Essentially I write guides/articles for small businesses. I also do some PR writing. (As well as other bits!)


Anonymous said...

Take a look at ennegrams. I was introduced to it via a life coach friend. It's a psychology tool that has nine types of people. You'll find some fascinating stuff on a type of person who hates failure. It's an old method and used by life coaches and management consultants. It's a great tool for understanding WHY people do what they do, buy what they buy. It deals with emotions rather than rational thought. I've adapted it for marketing - and called it EMOTIVATIONS - brilliant discovery.

Anonymous said...

Well answered, and it's only a matter of time. You must have lots of fight to be able to drink Cointreau in public.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Chris, that sounds interesting!

NP! Considering you were all drinking white wine out of huge glasses, my Cointreau must have looked positively macho in comparison!