Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Read All About It!

So. Finally I managed to finish Then We Came To The End (by Joshua Ferris), sent to me very kindly by Penguin. Delayed much by engagement, wedding preparation, illness and so forth; it may appear like I struggled to get through it.

However the opposite is true, I kept reading it, and every time I went to bed too tired to read it I kept reminding myself to read it the next day.

Its a great book. It has all of the office conflict and gossip that we see everyday, along with the nice touches of humanity and kindness that we are capable of.

Often funny, and at no point less than believable; even when odd things are happening. Ocassionally sad, but not in a sentimental way. You really get the sense that these are real people living real lives. It's advertising based, but not in a way that makes it less accessible to anyone else.

I love the way it is written, scattered in and out just like the stories and gossip of a real workplace. Sometimes you lose track and then it reminds you where the conversation got diverted.

Not a life changing book, but a very good one nonetheless.
Its out now and well worth reading. Buy at Amazon.


np said...

Good post Rob...and has it put you off?

Rob (ad pit) said...


Same problems happen in every industry!

Anonymous said...

awesome :) thanks - new site with biggest ad prints and tv spots archieve

Anonymous said...

lauren said...

i just read about ferris' book in nick hornby's polysyllabic spree. glad to see the opinion of peeps closer to the action..
PS rob, you'll be pleased to know that your blog is not blocked by the proxy in UAE.

Rob (ad pit) said...

Thanks Lauren and (slightly botlike) anonymous!