Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Questions 1-5

Here are the first set of answers to questions submitted to me!


1. I love lots of films including American Beauty, Fight Club, Garden State and Chungking Express

2. Where id like to live in London? Not sure. My dad is a cockney so maybe north of the river somewhere!

3. Last Holiday: Hong Kong, wonderful place. My first visit out of Europe, so many amazing things; lots of future family places (my fiancee's family are from HK). I cant wait to go back.


1. Biggest adland disappointment: In terms of places ive visited, most definitely M+C Saatchi. It felt much more guarded and stuffy than any other agency ive gone to; which is probably why it seems to be quite prehistoric in its thinking. One guy who interviewed me acted like he wasnt at all interested in what I was saying!

Im sure there's good people there, but my experience was not positive. It's the one ad job ever I didnt care if I got.

2. How I feel when something impacts me: Im hard to impact, but if something does I find it both inspiring and thought provoking. All of my favourite films above are those that impacted something on me.


NP said...

Too right about Saatchi

priest said...

sorry to hear that, the saatchi guys were pretty nice, curious (but challenging) to me.

Rob @ Cynic said...

Does Priest work at M&C????

I like these posts Mr M ... now tell us more about why advertising excites you!

Anonymous said...

seriously? wow, i always thought they were a really friendly bunch. you must be a right cunt.

Rob (ad pit) said...

It was that bad that I almost wish I was Mr Anon... at least then there would have been a reason for it!

Maybe I got stuck with the worst guy there...