Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Over the years I've noticed there are quite a few members of the follically challenged community in planning and media strategy. I haven't yet established if there's a direct correlation, perhaps thinking a lot requires a cool head? Not sure.

What I find fascinating though is observing other people's reactions to hair loss, and the way they deal with it. You could probably write an entire book on the psychological reactions. The most interesting thing is how some guys opt for hair that is obviously far worse looking than baldness, simply to try and cover it up. Part of me wants to psycho-analyse these people as they walk past... that they are SO affected by the situation that they actually make it worse to avoid acceptance.

I suppose the nearest equivalent I see in girls are those who think wearing waaaay too much makeup looks better than none.

Here are my favourites:

1. The 'Ah fuck it.'
This is the group who see the writing on the wall and trim the whole head short or very short, getting it over and done with. There's a definite confidence needed to take the leap, but the result is smarter than any other look. Disclaimer: I do this.

2. The Donald Trump.
Wigs. Weird right? But I suppose the one thing wig wearers do, is go all for nothing. There's a clarity of response and a willingness to take real action.

3. The Bobby Charlton
Also known as the ridiculous comb-over, or the Homer Simpson. Deep inside these people are saying 'I hope no one notices.' We do.

4. The Meatloaf
I know! If I grow my hair to be 2 foot long, it will hide the fact that half my head is missing it. It doesn't.

5. The Lewis Hamilton
If thinning, spike up! This works well in the short term, but eventually starts to look just as ridiculous as the others. I think emotionally these people know what's coming but haven't yet found the resolve to deal with it, or think others won't notice yet - which is often true.

6. The Pink Elephant
These guys keeps the same haircut they've always had, just with less of it. It seems they want desperately to prove they have SOME hair, but acknowledge to a point that it's not an awful lot. They are easing into acceptance gradually, one trimmer click at a time.

7. The Money Spinners
Paying to have hairs manually inserted into your head? You must be pretty worried about what people will think about you. The fact many of these are footballers or sportspeople definitely says something.

It's an interesting game for those who like to analyse people's behaviour. Try it next time you're on public transport!

Go #TeamBaldPlanners !