Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Classic CDP work

I suggest anyone with a good interest in print advertising checks out the CDP picture gallery at the Historical Advertising Trust site:


Though looking a little dated now, there are a small number (of their many) excellent pieces of work.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Telewest Broadband - 3for30 - Radio

Oddly, ive noticed a massive increase in the number of good Radio ads recently. My absolute favourite being these wonderful ads from Telewest.

Funny, well written and captivating; they do everything a good radio ad should do.


"How much would you pay for broadband, a telephone line and cable television?"
'Id expect to pay about £50'
"What about £30?"
'No, id expect to pay about £50'
"Would you like to pay £30?"
'Thats a different question'
"Does it have a different answer?"
"Which is..?"

Another that should be mentioned is the anti-smoking adverts using the after effects of coal mining dust on peoples fathers as a comparison; it works but its quite rare to see an advert so deliberately aimed at the memories of such a local area.