Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Carling - New tv ad

So Coors have decided to try and sell Carling as a refreshing tasty beer in the regions of Stella or Budweiser... the ad is the usual flowing beer shots and closeups of malty coloured stuff.

But this all begs the question, who the hell buys Carling because of how it tastes?!

Even the most ardent Carling drinker must concede that it tastes like out of date sewage water with a bit of fizz. People buy Carling because it is cheap, but most importantly because it is EVERYWHERE. Like McDonalds, you dont think its that good, but you know what you are getting.

I can understand the desire to make more profit on it by going upmarket, but please... Coors have so many beers to choose from to do that, and this isnt one of them.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Tresemme Hair - Tv

I dont understand what it is with haircare ads and rubbish voiceovers. Its not like its been dubbed from another language, they just have a guy who cant read without sounding like a slightly stiff robot.

I had a discussion the other day with an account planner about how cigarrette and alcohol advertising becomes better because clients are forced to go wth better ideas over safe dull ones... and he said about how haircare products have no restrictions, and are all rubbish.

This is case and point, with unconvincing dialogue spoken so poorly as to be cringeworthy. The whole ad sounds contrived and disjointed, yet the underlying principle (the "dont tell anyone about this, its our secret!" message) has the potential for some outstanding creative work.

That said, my parents just bought some Tresemme products... and im pretty sure they had never heard of them before...

So bad it works. The founding principle of Haircare ads.

Monday, March 21, 2005


Sorry for the lack of updates

Was away at the weekend, normal service will resume shortly!

Monday, March 14, 2005

Pot Noodle - Horn (tv)

Ad in brief: Guy comes into club with huge horn in trousers... friends at table ask if he has the "pot noodle horn". He exclaims yes! blows the horn then goes out causing havoc and returns having eaten the pot and apologises.

Ive loved the way pot noodle ads make a huge fuss over them being 'immoral' or 'dirty', making a big deal over how you almost shouldnt like them.

The sad thing is that this advert just isnt up to the quality of the others, although thats not to say it doesnt work; it just isnt as good as the 'slag of all snacks' ads.

The ad still has the pot noodle dirty theme, it still has the blatant references to pot noodle and sex... but it just feels like they are trying to hard with this one.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Sunday, March 06, 2005

RIP Tommy Vance

Sadly, it seems rock legend Tommy Vance has died.
He will be sadly missed.
That Birds Eye advert seems slightly more poigniant now.

Pepsi Max - Sticky Windows (TV)

Normally Pepsi adverts are overblown generally poor affairs; but this one is excellent!
Featuring a guy acting out as those little plastic people with sticky bals on their limbs that climb down windows!

An unusual and interesting idea, and good ad entertainment.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Adidas Intelligent Shoe - TV

This ad features a guy who gets out of bed and runs!

The movement of this ad is amazing, the ground appears from under his feet; he turns and flips round in really well made manouvers...maneourve...maneuo...movements. He sort of defys gravity to turn around, or flip from one direction to another; an extremely good ad I think.

Its colourful, intriguing and very creative; just the sort of ad I love to see.

Friday, March 04, 2005

Super Monkey Ball Deluxe (Tv/web)

Im not sure if these are being shown on US tv or not, but the whole collection is absolute genius.

I must find out what agency did them!!

Thursday, March 03, 2005


I must be in the majority when I say how much Jamster deserve to wiped off the face of the earth!

Those damn frogs and chicks and rubbish ringtones. They are all so cheesy and poor, and they tie you in to pay for more content when you order them.

I hope no respectable agency is involved with them...

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Halifax - Yet Anther Song (TV)

Arg! More Howard Brown; as much as I like the idea of a leading personality being a non-stereotypical black person... these are just too much to bear.

Its a novel idea yes, sing a classic song with changed words.; but the joke has worn thin and the adverts are now simply annoying, nothing more.

Honestly, its no wonder it takes so long to get served when all the till staff are out on ad shoots. I hope there are no more, or they at least give Mr Brown an ad with some dignity left.

And to top it off, (seriously) Howard Brown was unveiled as a new exhibit at Madame Tussauds!!!

Strange world...

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

State of TV ads.

How come the majority of good adverts on tv at the moment are all for Cars?!

Honda - Grr + Circles/Shapes (all of the "power of dreams" ads really!)
Toyota - Yaris, Celica and the other one with the larger car
Renault - "Dog" series
Smart - Kalidascope
Citroen - Transformer
VW - Singin in the rain - (and pretty much anything of the last 10 years!)
Even Daihatsu and Kia have interesting adverts!!

Is there something about car ads that brings out the best in creatives? Or are they just happier to go with good ideas?