Monday, July 01, 2013

Recording Wimbledon on the BBC - A Guide

So. You want to watch the Andy Murray game at Wimbledon, but you are away from the TV for the first half hour... How do you record it so you can catch up later?

Here is a step by step guide.

1. Choose the match you wish to see. In this case Andy Murray

2. Find out whether the game will be on BBC One, BBC Two, or the red button channels

3. Find the appropriate Wimbledon channel (BBC One) and press record

4. Use your psychic ability to predict the exact moment the match will move from BBC One to BBC Two

5. Enjoy the highlights of the doubles match now on BBC One

6. Record BBC Two to catch what's left of the Murray game

7. Use your psychic ability to predict when the game will move back to BBC One

8. Enjoy the rest of the doubles match on BBC Two

9. Switch back to BBC One to find the game has ended and the score is on screen

Honestly, it's so simple. Keep the important games on ONE BLOODY CHANNEL.