Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Match.com - Radio

At last, an advert for a matchmaker/lonely hearts company that works as a piece of good advertising; not just by coaxing lonely people into thinking that there are lots of available people on their boards.

There are a few of these ads, my favourite is the name one, where the woman forgets her name because she is so used to being called soppynames by her new boyfriend.

"Forgetting your name, another side effect of match.com"

Funny, clever, true to the product, and I hope, effective.
If anyone is aware what agency did it, id love to know.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Off Topic: Spam

I mean seriously. These people are low.
Spamming peoples blogs? Yeah it might make money, but do these people have absolutely no sense of honesty or moral judgement?

I mean jeez. People criticize the ad industry and large corporations; but bloody hell, at least they PAY for 'invading' peoples privacy. They (mostly!) pay taxes that go towards healthcare and so on, as well as allowing tv stations (and radio/magazines etc) the money to produce content in the first place.

Smirnoff - TV Interactive ad

Its very very rarely that an ad inspires me to click the red button. But this one was just intriging enough.

An ad that looks like a short film scene plays on the normal ad slot, and invites you to distill it (Ie: press the red button)...
(and again to distill further)
To reference their "Triple distiled" slogan.

Its odd, but it works perfectly; and gets the message spot on. I almost dont want to spoil the result!

Even the in-interactive branding is good. The loading bar is a smirnoff shape, and the end of the interactive ad looks just like the end of a standard tv ad.

If interactive tv ads are going to take off, they will be like this. Excellent.